Franco-Australian Astrobiology and Exoplanet School and Workshop

All travellers other than Australian and New Zealand citizens need a valid visa or authority to enter Australia (including electronic visas).

Please contact us if you need a letter of participation for your visa application. For some nationalities, processing and issuance of visas can take several weeks/months, so apply well before your planned travel.

For more information please visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website.

The Canberra Airport accommodates flights from most of the major cities in Australia by Virgin and Qantas, as well as direct from Wellington NZ by Singapore Airlines. Methods to get to and from the airport include car rental, taxi, Uber and public transport ACTION buses.

Murray's Buses make 10+ trips between Sydney and Canberra a day. Greyhound Buses also offers services from Sydney to Canberra, as well as between Melbourne and Canberra. Both these bus services arrive and depart at the Jolimont Centre. The Jolimont Centre is located a short 10 min walk from the ANU campus.

Canberra is a rare treat among Australian cities, providing a kaleidoscope of colour, activity and experiences based around our four distinct seasons.

The weather does change markedly from season to season. In December it will be summer in Australia, and temperatures in Canberra will be on average 27ºC (80.6ºF).

Canberra generally has low humidity, with dry heat in summer and cool winters. Given the city’s average elevation of 570m (1870 feet), frosts are common in winter and UV radiation can be high.

Time Zone
In December, Canberra will be on Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT), which is 11 hours ahead of GMT.

What to do in Canberra
The Australian National University is located in the heart of the Canberra, with the city centre being within a 15-minute walk from the ANU. The main shopping complex contains plenty of shops and cafés, and there are no shortage of bars and clubs. On campus, there are numerous cafés and restaurants. Close to the conference venue is Ivy & The Fox, and Boffins Restaurants near University House. There are many restaurants in the city centre as well.

For all attractions, events and information about Canberra, check Visit Canberra website.

Crawford School of Public Policy

132 Lennox Crossing, Canberra, ACT, Australia

Astrobiology & Exoplanet School

16 - 17 December 2017

Astrobiology & Exoplanet Workshop

18 - 20 December 2017

Our Sponsors

Australian National University College of Science Research School of Astronomy & Astrophysics Research School of Earth Sciences
Embassy of France in Australia Creative France Australia Australian-French Association for Research and Innovation Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University

16 - 20 December, 2017

Crawford School of Public Policy,
132 Lennox Crossing,
Canberra, ACT, Australia